As your children venture out and experience the world around them, several influencing factors help shape them into the person they will eventually become. Thankfully, parents still sit at the top of the list of the important and powerful role models in a child’s life. As a parent, you have a few key advantages that other role models and environmental factors do not have. Young children mimic what they see. Mimicry is part of how children master certain skills. If your child sees you doing something or acting a certain way, he/she is bound to try to do the same. For instance, if they see you eating healthy foods, they will follow, the same can be said for smoking and drinking alcohol. For this reason, you should be conscious of which behaviors you exhibit in your daily life, especially when your child is present. Parents can talk to their children about the challenges they will face in secondary school. You should discuss what commitment they plan to make to lead a healthy lifestyle. Parents should take time to educate themselves about the dangers of drug and alcohol misuse. If children know they have a parent who is up to date and comfortable talking to them about these challenges it will always ensure the lines of communication are open and clear.

The Confirmation Commitment encourages the candidate to make a commitment to themselves and others to lead a healthy lifestyle, respect themselves and others, and to use the knowledge about Alcohol & other drugs to stay safe. The Confirmation Programme in the parish will stay the same with the only change being the sponsor will be required to attend The Service of Light ceremony and stand together with other sponsors and make a commitment to the young person to be a positive role model. The sponsor will then present the candidate with a Spirit Band with one of the Gifts of the Holy Spirit engraved on it. The young person will also stand with other candidates and make their commitment as outlined above. The candidate will present the sponsor with a specially designed bookmark to thank them for making their commitment.

The option to take the pledge still remains for young people as that can be their commitment to abstain to a chosen age they and their parents decide.


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