Our Initiative works with parish communities to help meet the educational / training needs in relation to substance misuse. We work in partnership with other regional services both from community and statutory agencies. We also have a number of our own training programmes that we can facilitate if required. All our programmes are based on good practice and meet quality standards in substance use / misuse education. Below is a list of some of the programmes our parish projects facilitate.

Parenting Programme

Community Drug Awareness

Peer Leadership Skills in Substance Misuse

Formation of a Community Mobilisation Approach

Healthy Lifestyle Programme

Confirmation Programme – Linking with Gifts of Holy Spirit

Information Nights

Alcohol – The Challenge of Moderation

A.P.P – Alcohol Prevention Programme

Don’t Loose the Head

Understanding Drug Prevention

Strategic Planning to

If you would like further information on any of these courses please contact our head office in Maynooth 00 – 353 – 1 – 505 3044 or
Email: ibdi@iecon.ie