Level 4 Long Term Parish Response

Book – Alcohol / Drugs parishes response

We have a number of publications listed below which you can order. These will be available on PDF on this website very soon.

1. Alcohol / Drugs: Parishes Respond – Evaluation on Parishes Involved
2. Handbook on Forming a Parish Community Response
3. Beyond Maintenance – a look at life beyond Methadone Maintenance
4. A Faith Response to Street Drugs
5. Pastoral Letter on Alcohol
6. Know the Facts about Drugs (click here for PDF)

If any publication is not available due to out of stock, we can organise a photo copy of same.

Leaflets & Booklets

How to talk to your Children about Drugs
Published in the Irish Examiner 29th January 2008
(Click here for PDF)
Know the Facts about Drugs
Using drugs can become a problem depending on a number of factors.
Click here for PDF)

Straight Talk
A Guide for Parents on Teenage Drinking

A Guide to Rethinking your Drinking


We have a number of DVD’s available for projects that may be useful.

1. Pastoral Response to Substance Misuse – a promotional dvd that explains what our initiative is about. It includes interviews with volunteers, young people, school principle, clergy and others talking about the importance of our parish community mobilisation.

2. Find the Balance – Dare to Dream : The Challenge of Moderation – This dvd is a useful tool to show a group of teenagers to create a discussion on the use of alcohol in moderation for adults. It includes topics on personal responsibility, choices and the effects on lives. Interviews from Dara – captain of search and rescue helicopter, Aaron – a rally driver, a rap band from Dublin and an ex- Ireland international footballer.